Scripps Institution of Oceanography cheapens itself by using the “D” word

Today Watts Up With That? commented about a statement by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography titled A Response to Climate Change Denialism. The statement is actually a pretty clear “executive level” defense of the conclusions of mainstream climatolgists. The Watts Up post primarily objects to the use of the word “denialist”, which denialists are very sensitive about, and accuses Scripps of name-calling and politicization. But that’s the tag you get stuck with when you have a pattern of ignoring or proposing repeatedly debunked alternatives to every logical scientific theory or pattern of historical facts about Climate Change that you don’t like.

Coleman's CornerAccording to the post, somehow the Scripps statement is a same-day response to elderly weatherman John Coleman’s denialist “Special Report” Global Warming: The Other Side that aired exclusively on San Diego’s independent station KUSI (also San Diego’s source for The Jerry Springer Show and Judge Judy). You can track it down on YouTube as well. Pretty quick work if true, and it’s comforting to think that an internationally renowned research centre is keeping such a close watch on community news.

So why is this statement being mentioned on Watts Up? It’s called a dog-whistle. The post encourages readers to bombard the Scripps Institution’s administrators and staff with e-mails. Going forward, Anthony’s audience will be able to “know” that anything the Scripps Institution says “is biased” and can safely ignore research from Scripps that challenges their disbelief in AGW.

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