Jones may submit a correction to his 1990 paper – Keenan responds

Jones may submit a correction to his 1990 paper – Keenan responds. One of Anthony Watts’ outraged blogging buddies demands recognition!

The Nature news item in question is primarily about the political assault Dr. Phil Jones is enduring from denialists… The possible “correction” refers to problems with the record keeping for some rural Chinese weather station records that used to assess possible temperature record biases due to the “Urban Heat Island” effect. The 1990 study concluded that there was there was no significant UHI bias, which undermines several popular denialist fairy-tales.

In 2007 “amateur climate-data analyst” Doug Keenan made a rambling accusation of fraud against Dr. Jones’ co-author Dr. Wei-Chyung Wang in the widely scorned journal Energy & Environment. Keenan stated that many of the Chinese weather stations had moved in contradiction to Dr. Wang’s assertion, and hence the conclusions were false. Thus ending global warming forever.

A scientific re-examination in 2008 with better data concluded that regardless of the original study’s record-keeping problems the conclusion was valid and in fact well-supported. Surprisingly, this part of the story is not mentioned on Anthony’s blog.

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