Jerry Ravetz part 2 – Answer and explanation to my critics

Jerome Ravetz

Jerry Ravetz part 2 – Answer and explanation to my critics“. Dr. Jerry Ravetz backtracks like mad after opening a hornet’s nest of comment just over a week ago when he naïvely wandering into the Climate Change debate. Ravetz found his admission of early Communist leanings and non-violent beliefs harshly received by denialists.

After showing a rather fuzzy understanding of science (“Indeed, once Einstein had (in the general interpretation) shown that Newton was wrong about space, no scientific statement could be assumed to be free of error“) and referring to his spun-out-of-sugar political theory of science, Post Normal Science, he meanders on at great length. However I grew tired of trying to draw any meaning out of it.

I think what Anthony Watts wants his readers to take away from it is that it’s A-OK for bloggers to cast wild assertions around, because somehow it keeps the scientists on their toes.

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