Must see: John Coleman’s Global Warming Special #2 – now online at YouTube

Must see: John Coleman’s Global Warming Special #2 – now online at YouTube“. Ah YouTube, the place where science happens, and local cable programming can go global. Same old same old from Anthony Watts’ friend John Coleman, although even Anthony distances himself a little bit by saying I should note that I don’t agree with the broad statement made in the video that “CO2 has no effect”. It does, but the magnitude of the direct effect and the feedback effects is disputed. Even Anthony steps back from that whopper! Global Warming: The Other Side is in fact the same side of disproved denialist bunk as the first “special.”

The part I like best is where Anthony again claims that the dog ate his homework on the usefulness of surface weather station records. He says that the “end part where I refute NCDC didn’t make the final cut, perhaps the producer thought it too technical due to the graph of TOBS, FILNET, and RAW data that I used to show that NCDC’s claims about a cooling trend in poorly sited station doesn’t hold up.” Anthony’s project has been thoroughly spanked as useless; he keeps promising proof that his belief is correct but never delivers.

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