Bill O’Reilly hosts Bill Nye The Science Guy and AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi in Fox News Debate

Yesterday Anthony Watts announced that denialist meteorologist Joe Bastardi ‘runs circles‘ around Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) on The O’Reilly Factor’s No Spin Zone. Anthony’s link wasn’t viewable outside of the USA so I chose not to comment on it, but I’ve found a link on The Huffington Post that works.

The clip, helpfully subtitled “Bill Nye the Science Guy on debunked global warming study” begins with Bill O’Reilly repeating the dishonest representation of a retracted sea-level prediction paper. Bastardi’s charts were given full screen display, but Nye was left holding small paper versions.

One of Bastardi’s ‘killer arguments’, between winks, cheshire cat grins and bar stool bellowing, was built around calling CO2 a trace gas needed for life. He even tried on both the cherry-picking “since 1998” bunk and the solar cycle claim (which actually undercut the denialist argument). Clearly Anthony thinks louder is better.

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