IPCC announces “independent” review

IPCC announces “independent” review“. Surprise, surprise: Anthony Watts is treating this as simultaneously proof that the “mainstream” is going to whitewash all the errors (two? three? five?) in AR4 and that the repeatedly declared sea-change in public opinion against the corrupt climatologists is underway.

Because this news wasn’t instantly displayed on the IPCC’s home page, Anthony knows that the IPCC is trying to slip something by the public. Read the IPCC PDF here.

1 thought on “IPCC announces “independent” review

  1. Anthony Watts replied to my post pointing out that the press release was indeed mentioned on the home page with this: “perhaps somebody pointed this out to them after reading WUWT.”

    This post at WUWT is particularly bizarre. I saw the home page mention as soon as I visited ipcc.ch simultaneously with reading WUWT the first time., shortly after it was posted I posted at WUWT that the link was there, but being in the “penalty box” my post did not show up immediately. Still, several hours passed and no correction from WUWT, and my post still not there. Now, this new morning, my post and Watts issues an update.

    I don’t know when that actually happened. In fact, I don’t even care. But it’s the suggestion that maybe a WUWT reader is responsible for correcting the IPCC web page is serious Chutzpah on Anthony’s part. He cannot conceive of the idea that there might just be a delay in updating the web page for any number of realistic reasons. The IPCC staff is so small that it’s doubtful theyhave someone dedicated to the website. They may not even run it at all — WMO may do it as a courtesy for all we know. Reading Anthony’s reply, I suspect the man thinks because of his blog he has these commanding powers over the anti-science community and can embarass IPCC officials into doing his bidding.

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