It’s the blob (anomaly)!

It’s the blob (anomaly)!“. After years of touting regional variations as proof that Global Warming isn’t happening (or is natural, or is temporary, or is really cooling, or whatever other line of patter suits the moment), Anthony Watts has decided he likes picking on anomalous regions. (This seems to actually be an uncredited repost of a blog post by Roger Pielke Sr.)

Suddenly, if it's not happening everywhere it isn't happening anywhere. Someone's changed their tune.

I suppose you’ve gotta say something when even Roy Spencer and John Christy have to report that February 2010 was the 2nd warmest February in 32 years

2 thoughts on “It’s the blob (anomaly)!

  1. More info that the planet is warming from the Spence school of scepticism satellites.

    AMSU Channel data from satellite data

    Data from:
    discover web page

    Note that all data is used (there seems to be none before 1998 for these channels
    image may follow!:

    In Case the picture does not work:

    near surface is warming at 1.21C/day=4.4C/century
    3300ft data (now discontinued) was warming at 12deg/century
    sea surface is slightly cooling but only 8 years of data.

    No problem there then!

  2. The worse blob is over much of the USA (excluding Alaska), where the chart shows some cooling in the troposphere, whereas almost all the rest of the world had above normal warming in February.

    Transient fodder for denialists in the USA, some of whom don’t appear to realise there is a whole other world out there :D

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