‘Foamenting’ climate change

‘Foamenting’ climate change“. Anthony Watts finds, and pastes in, a geo-engineering article in AAAS that suggests that even if global warming is happening (it isn’t of course because it’s all a trick) we can fix it by spreading micro-bubbles throughout the oceans. Thus solving the Global Warming problem once and for all.

I can’t believe that Anthony set himself up for a punch-line from Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth!

Solving Global Warming once and for all!

There are good reasons for caution about geo-engineering solutions. Here are a few.

  • We have little idea of what the unexpected consequences might be for these interventions.
  • They will almost certainly be wildly expensive and/or disruptive.
  • They encourage increased CO2 generation that will eventually overwhelm the each geo-engineering solution.

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