Vote for the best ‘political climate’ website

Vote for the best ‘political climate’ website“. I guess Anthony Watts’ endorsement of Andy Revkin’s Dot Earth blog in a Treehugger “Best of Green 2010” poll is proof that Revkin’s reputation has been destroyed. Andy’s been chasing hits by presenting groundless denialist arguments alongside scientific studies to encourage comment wars and Anthony loves getting equal, if undeserved, face time.

The scientific criticism of Revkin has flowed steadily and picked up pace when Revkin “left” the New York Times to run their Dot Earth website on a freelance basis. Here are some examples. Deep ClimateReal ClimateClimate Progress. Rabett Run. You get the picture.

1 thought on “Vote for the best ‘political climate’ website

  1. Ben, thanks for countering the steady stream of nonsense from WUWT.

    [Thanks! It’s hard to keep up with “copy, paste, say any damn thing you like”, but I want something to show up along side his nonsense in a Google search. – Ben]

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