Chico’s new sustainable firefighting idea

Chico’s new sustainable firefighting idea“. Anthony Watts has a bug in his ear about fire hydrants in particular and municipal politics in general. The fact that local “Chico State University has a large sustainability group that tries to impose all sorts of experimental ideas on local citizens” undoubtably gets under his skin. These hydrants have a “sustainable” rationale, so they must be another experimental idea being imposed on the local citizens…

Naturally Anthony misrepresents the issue by posting a photo of a ‘low-flow’ hydrant with a garden hose attached by what is obviously an adapter for a standard fire-hose connection. Shades of the goofy project?

Why does the "low-flow" hydrant have a garden hose?

I feel sorry for the Council Members, newspaper editors and Rotary Club members that he’s apparently been pestering.

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