NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season – latest start on record

NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season – latest start on record“. Anthony Watts feints amnesia to infer that an NSIDC Sea Ice News report called “Cold snap causes late-season growth spurt” means that a cold Arctic winter has disproved Global Warming.

Remember why this is the latest start on record, Anthony? We both posted about it two days ago.

Sugar, you're goin' down. Source: NSIDC.

2 thoughts on “NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season – latest start on record

  1. um…the latest start on record?
    I take it that the little line on the chart representing 2010 being below the 1979-2000 average is not important?

    [It’s important alright! The denialists have been trying to convince us that the late winter weather anomaly in the Bering Sea that resulted in a blip of new ice, hence pushing back the beginning of the seasonal decline in ice extent, is proof that this has been a cold winter and not a warm one. – Ben]

  2. Oh I understand how denialists work.
    They will search endlessly for some little kernel of truth that supports their cause and then totally ignore everything else.
    When that kernel disappears they start a new search.
    Sorta like buying a used car.
    The thing’s a pile of junk but one headlight works therefore it just simply must be a great car.

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