It’s us against phlegm – global warming makes you sneeze

It’s us against phlegm – global warming makes you sneeze“. Anthony Watts criticises at a Time magazine article titled Allergies Worse Than Ever? Blame Global Warming. Warmer climates may increase the range of pollen-producing trees (typically deciduous and not coniferous).

Anthony chooses to infer that the researchers have ruled out environmental factors other than CO2, which makes it easy to sneer. But he’s attacking a straw-man of his own creation. Here’s the gist of the article:

Here’s how it works: higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere generally speed plant growth, while warmer temperatures mean that spring — and with it, allergy season — arrives earlier. Spring-like conditions in the East are already arriving on average 14 days earlier than just 20 years ago.

The writers may talk about CO2 first, but warmer springs will be a much stronger influence. Anthony ignores this for his own benefit.

3 thoughts on “It’s us against phlegm – global warming makes you sneeze

  1. Feeling a bit sad tonight because I’ve come to the conclusion there’s nothing to be gained from reading your critique of WUWT. I thought there might be some intelligent discussion but all of your posts are particularly juvenile and sophomoric.

    Such a wasted opportunity… but your bookmark is now deleted.

    [That’s amusing, coming from someone with a fake e-mail address that mocks Al Gore. – Ben]

    • Ale,

      I am at a loss as to how it is “particularly juvenile and sophomoric” (your words) to address the basic scientific evidence that CO2 causing warming. Please elaborate.

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