NCAR’s missing heat – they could not find it any-where

NCAR’s missing heat – they could not find it any-where“. Anthony Watts gives us a particularly painful bit of doggerel as his insight into an National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) article on global energy flows:

The heat is gone, oh where, oh where?
Maybe in the oceans?
Maybe in the air?
It’s just not there.
They could not find it any-where.

“Missing” heat may affect future climate change discusses how the measured energy flows are inadequately tracking where that heat is being stored.

Either the satellite observations are incorrect, says Trenberth, or, more likely, large amounts of heat are penetrating to regions that are not adequately measured, such as the deepest parts of the oceans. Compounding the problem, Earth’s surface temperatures have largely leveled off in recent years. Yet melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice, along with rising sea levels, indicate that heat is continuing to have profound effects on the planet.

NCAR Global Net Energy Budget

Satellite measurements vs measured Ocean heat content. NCAR.

For Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. this is an opportunity to declare that “Thus, a large amount heat (measured as Joules) does not appear to be stored anywhere; it just is not there.” Therefore, of course, there is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Except for all the other evidence.

Funny how every rational discussion of the need to improve climate change measurement is to the Denialists proof that the conventional understanding of Global Warming processes are FALSE, while every example of unsupported Denialist arm-waving is blindly accepted.

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