Not a joke: Gore’s “Inconvenient Youth”

Not a joke: Gore’s “Inconvenient Youth” Anthony Watts ‘subtly’ alludes to the Hitler Youth when talking about a training program called “Inconvenient Youth” that Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection has initiated.

Just a copy and paste of the press release with a few poorly thought-out comments appended, like this sneer about a vegetable oil-powered VW seen in a video clip. It “still produces CO2 when the oil is burned.” The difference, of course, is that vegetable oil is carbon neutral because it is derived from a component (plants!)of the active carbon cycle. CO2 released by coal or petroleum has been sequestered from the carbon cycle for millions of years.

Oh and don’t buy Apple products, because Al Gore is on their Board of Directors!

2 thoughts on “Not a joke: Gore’s “Inconvenient Youth”

  1. Oh and don’t buy Apple products, because Al Gore is on their Board of Directors!

    And stop Googling, cos he’s a technical advisor there too. In fact his share options and other rewards from Apple and Google probably dwarf his income from clean energy companies, carbon credits etc.

    I see Mr Watts advised that comparisons with another organisation ending in Youth would be snipped. Hang on – quick word count… yep – over 20 snips in the first 50 comments. Yet somehow this tasteful remark passed moderation:

    The boy pictured at the beginning is not a teen; he is prepubescent. There is more than a little hint of pedophilia here.

    Charming crowd that Anthony attracts! Bit of a step up from the standard ‘Al Gore is fat’ we are used to – no?

  2. Speaking of taste… One from the archives…

    But what is the provenance of the graphic [and the data behind it]? Mr Watts gives a hat-tip to ‘Zapruder’ but is coy about providing good linkage, it is from the Dutch site

    There, nestling amongst the posts on ‘Nieuwe Wereld Orde’ and ‘9/11 truth’ is the source of Mr Watt’s graphic (also used by Viscount Monckton btw). Also, this tasteful cartoon:

    CO2 Hoax


    [Anthony tries to obscure his politics and paranoia, but he’s not very good at it. – Ben]

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