Global warming: The Oxburgh Inquiry was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Global warming: The Oxburgh Inquiry was an offer he couldn’t refuse.” A criminal conspiracy theory from Thomas Fuller, a denialist political commentator at the San Francisco Examiner, who asks a number of ominous leading questions about the Oxburgh Inquiry into the claimed scientific criticisms that arose from the Climategate e-mails.

Do I believe the ‘mob directed the investigation?’ Of course not. Do I believe that Lord Oxburgh had additional reasons to weight the findings of his investigation in favor of the status quo? It’s certainly possible. Do I think that having an underworld connection to renewable energy subsidies prejudices almost every decision made about renewable energy? Definitely.

Eeek! Sounds like a job for Steven Seagal.

Note that Fuller was a very early actor in the effort to leverage the inconsequential stolen Climate Research Unit e-mails into a scientific and political scandal.

2 thoughts on “Global warming: The Oxburgh Inquiry was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  1. “…that current warming was unprecedented in the past 1,000 years was probably wrong.”
    A real ‘skeptic’ couldn’t say this. Only a true ‘denier’ could ignore the dozen replications of MBH’98.

    “Nobody from Falck Renewables or its parent company has been arrested…”
    I’ll repeat here that I have no evidence linking Oxburgh or his company to the mafia – even honest companies in Italy can’t get far away from the mafia and can be surprised when they are linked in an investigation…”

    But that won’t stop Thomas Fuller, or WUWT, from spinning this web of innuendo… they need a response.

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