Sun’s magnetics coming alive again

Sun’s magnetics coming alive again“. The Sun’s geomagnetic activity has ticked upwards after about five years of general decline. Anthony Watts wants denialist followers to think that this is a reason to expect global cooling. Just wait a bit longer… It’s coming, really!

ISES Solar Planetary Index 2010/05/04

4 thoughts on “Sun’s magnetics coming alive again

  1. Are you going to post on Steve Goddard’s Venus post? It’s a shining example of everything that’s wrong with “blog science”.

    It would have been okay if he just proposed a puzzle and professed puzzlement. But Steve just throws in snide remarks like: “How did such bad science become “common knowledge?”” and ““Group Think” at it’s worst”. Despite his own reasoning on several “problems” is ridiculous.

    For example his “day-night” problem doesn’t make sense. In a dense atmosphere like Venus wouldn’t you expect the greenhouse effect to reduce the day-night temperature difference? but according to Steve, that lack of difference is a problem for the greenhouse effect…

    Anyway to cut to the chase. He says:
    “So why is Venus hot? Because it has an extremely high atmospheric pressure.”

    and comes to the conclusion that: “The greenhouse effect can not be the cause of the high temperatures on Venus”

    But if Venus was hot simply through atmospheric pressure, that would imply we could turn off the Sun and Venus would maintain a very hot temperature. Of course it wouldn’t, and I bet it would also not maintain it’s high pressure… I think Steve has it backwards, the high pressure is maintained because of the temperature, not the otherway round.

    Venus is so hot because of the greenhouse effect and that greenhouse effect is more pronounced because of high pressure.

    Steve seems to be shifting his position as commenters challenge him. At one point he seems to be exploiting the “pronounced because of high pressure” fact to imply the warming is due to high pressure and not the greenhouse effect, which is a complete misreading.

    [I’ve fallen behind a bit on Anthony’s posts, I’ll try to catch up this weekend. Anthony usually ignores challenges, counting on his followers to discount them or not even notice them. Otherwise he’d have to spend all his time correcting his posts… – Ben]

  2. While I’m aware that solar activity and climate are closely linked I was under the impression that lower solar activity results in cooler temperatures here on earth. We just experienced the warmest decade on record when the temps should have been cooler. Watts, however, is saying temps will cool as activity increases?

    Even if that were true, I wonder how he proposes to measure this cooling? He’s pretty much discarded any temp data set that shows warming–is he now going to use these same data sets if they show cooling? Or is he admitting it has been warmer than normal but now we’re in for some cooling?

    [Facts are malleable things for Anthony… – Ben]

  3. Goddard is a complete idiot. No wonder he finds a welcoming home at WTFWT.

    [His latest thing about Venus is further proof. – Ben]

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