IPCC’s Chairman Pachauri Conflicted

IPCC’s Chairman Pachauri Conflicted“. Nothing seems to be sticking lately for Anthony Watts, so he’s casting about for more personal attacks on Dr. Pachauri. The denialist Science and Public Policy Institute has produced a so-called report (more of a rant really) titled “Dr Rajendra Pachauri and the IPCC – No Fossil Fool”. Author Dennis Ambler claims that Dr. Pachauri “has previous or present connections, demonstrating a very clear conflict of interest” with energy companies in India.

All these secret connections! That Pachauri’s a tricky one. Wait, they’ve been public knowledge all along? Still, how dare he make intelligent, maybe even profitable, business decisions! Wait, isn’t that good capitalism?

Of course it’s all part of a “long-term UN agenda of wealth transfer from rich nations to poor nations.” Those cunning commies! Maybe someone needs to go back on their meds.

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