ICCC Conference day 1 – Chicken of the Sea and BBC

ICCC Conference day 1 – Chicken of the Sea and BBC“. Anthony Watts is sharing witticisms with his fellow Denialists at the Heartland Institute’s mock conference.

He does however have a complaint about a disorganized TV interview conducted by a BBC crew. He refused to sign their waiver when he noticed as clause affirming that his statements were made with “honesty and factual accuracy”.

Anthony’s not that stupid!

3 thoughts on “ICCC Conference day 1 – Chicken of the Sea and BBC

  1. Two things. He’s worried that his comments will appear in a comedy show: well duh! Also, he’s worried about the implications of saying his words are true: right.

  2. That prompted me to recall a old TV jingle (being in TV for 25 years my head is full of them) that some readers may remember but I added a twist when I recited it at the table with a musical lilt.

    Ask any Tuna you happen to see, where’s the global warming? It’s not in the sea!

    I thought Willis might need resuscitation he was laughing so hard.

    Yep, thanks for the image. He’s really so Comical, Anth’ny.

    Why it really is no wonder he didn’t sign the waiver…

    Indeed, the ‘best estimate’ for the changes in the top 700m seems to be a greater warming than seen in the NODC data and more than even the models were suggesting:…

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