Global warming’s impact on Asia’s rivers overblown

Global warming’s impact on Asia’s rivers overblown“. A Nature news report says that in the Indus and Ganges basins, glacial ice contributes only about 40% of the total meltwater . Hah! Take that, glacier worriers. Nothing to worry about. Well, 40% less.

So if “Freshwater flow [is] dominated by monsoon rains rather than glacier run-off”, what happens if the monsoons shift or diminish? Oops. We weren’t supposed to read that far into the news report.

1 thought on “Global warming’s impact on Asia’s rivers overblown

  1. OR EVEN FURTHER DOWN………. “…The study concludes that climate change will reduce water supplies enough that be 2050, declines in irrigation water are likely to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THE REGION’S AGRICULTURE CAN SUPPORT BY ABOUT 60 MILLION–4.5 % of the region’s present population.” (emphasis added)

    LENGTH ISN’T EVERYTHING………. “The main glacial parameters are length, area, volume, mass and thickness and THE GLACIER LENGTH ALONE CAN NOT BE TAKEN AS THE ONLY PARAMETER THAT SIGNIFIES MASS BALANCE CHANGES.” (emphasis in original)

    KARAKORAM………. “Current estimates suggest that there are about 12000 to 15000 (glaciers) in the Himalayas and about 5000 in the Karakoram.”

    The Karakoram glaciers have been considered healthier, because there hasn’t been much terminal retreat, and because thay are at a higher latitude. However, recent satellite measurements indicate ice mass loss.

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