CO2 heats the atmosphere…a counter view

CO2 heats the atmosphere…a counter view. Tom Vonk, “Physicist”, engages in some wishful thinking to prove that CO2 is not responsible for heating the atmosphere. If you look at a small enough quantity of atmospheric gases in just the right way, and ignore the rest of the field of radiative physics that is. It’s always a bad sign when an arm-waving pet theory that start with “intuitively”.

So what is responsible for heating the atmosphere? Oh, that’s a question for another day.

Vonk’s conclusion?

The main point is that every time you hear or read that “CO2 heats the atmosphere”, that “energy is trapped by CO2”, that “energy is stored by green house gases” and similar statements, you may be sure that this source is not to be trusted for information about radiation questions.

Oh, I se. This is just an exercise in training denialists to stop reading “warmist” statements as soon as the science begins.

When the educated commenters, including Dr. Roy Spencer and even Steven Goddard, take a big step back from Vonk’s claims in the comments you know this post ain’t earning any Nobel prizes.

Most of the comments are, of course, of the hilariously oblivious wild praise variety. And that’s what counts, right?

4 thoughts on “CO2 heats the atmosphere…a counter view

  1. I didn’t think there existed a strain of psuedoscience so ridiculous Stevie Goddard would raise his hand. We need a new term for that level of ignorance.

  2. Watching these folks try to re-invent the wheel every day is a favorite lunchtime activity around here. They should pitch in their pennies to buy a climate textbook, although I’m sure it will be concluded that it was written by a propagandist, pinko-commie warmist.

  3. Spencer and Pielke took such “heat” for posting on the greenhouse effect that Watts has to struggle to win back some fans.

    [That’s what happens when you try to buy some legitimacy by letting “team members” with a morsel of scientific credibility post on your kook-magnet website! – Ben]

  4. Can’t think of a name for the pseudo-science itself. However I do think we should make a little effort to acknowledge excellence in some areas by individuals.

    The Stunning-Dunning-Kreuger badge should be given in response to any stunning examples of the D-K effect.

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