We enter the age of “…or else”

We enter the age of “…or else”. Nothing makes a libertarian madder than governments acting on something. Anthony Watts  copies-and-pastes excerpts from a Washington Post report that the death of a Senate Climate bill means that the White House will use its power to act on Global Warming via the EPA’s clean-air regulations.

Obama is such a bully! And a Nigerian communist.

1 thought on “We enter the age of “…or else”

  1. I read about 30 comments — Lord knows why. It gives you a window into this bullying psychology that says, “We’re going to beat you by any means necessary . . . Oh, you beat us? How could you be so mean and unfair? How could so be so cruel as to use your powers under the law to carry out your policy objectives?”

    When they feel they have the upper hand, deniers gloat over their power to obstruct, disrupt, and punish people they disagree with, be they politicians or scientists or journalist. If they’re losing, they suddenly discover the need for mutual respect and broad consensus. It’s childish, whiny hypocrisy.

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