Arctic isolated versus “urban” stations show differing trends

Arctic isolated versus “urban” stations show differing trends. Anthony Watts has a serious man-crush on anyone who shares his obsession with weather station micro-analysis. Today’s candidate is mechanical engineer Pierre Gosselin, who loves the “gate” suffix and knows that “climate change” is a religion. He sets us all straight on how them dang climate scientists have it all wrong.

Correction: the analysis is by Pierre Gosselin’s “guest author” Ed Caryl, whose credentials seem limited to being a balding white male who likes to parrot that Antarctic ice is expanding. But that’s better than most of Anthony’s esteemed sources.

Apparently any collection of more than two people constitutes an urban setting and hence all that Arctic warming must be discounted as the product of the notorious Urban Heat Island effect! Except there isn’t an Urban Heat Island bias in the weather station records…

All the usual cherry-picking and statistical ignorance (“Looks like an awfully good fit”) are present. Arbitrary selection of “useful” weather stations, comparing carefully chosen “peak to peak” comparison points, reams of amateur photos and charts, uninformed mutterings about station histories, invoking long-duration natural cycles that we should wait out for better understanding.

Noise and dishonesty. Amusingly, Gosselin’s own website is called No Tricks Zone.

2 thoughts on “Arctic isolated versus “urban” stations show differing trends

  1. #3…..HIDE THE POST 1975 INCLINE

    This is another WUWTian recurring situation. Note the consistency with which the late seventies graph temperatures are found below the linear plot. Then note the more obvious upward slope of the data to the right. And that on the left the data has a more downward slope than the line.

    You don’t have to be a believer in AGW to see that two straight lines intersecting circa 1975 are needed to represent the data. Just look at the last graph: AMO and average Isolated Stations.

  2. Hi Ben, glad to see your back on track again.

    You do know that the train wreck we call Steve Goddard from “Whatamoron” now has his very own website outputting his usual line of totally corrupted propaganda misinformation that passes as science found here: Is the Ice Getting Thicker/

    I wonder if he pays royalties to the owners of MGM for using a picture from that movie too or has MPAA permission?

    Oh well, keep up the good work, it now looks like Anthony Whatamoron is now dividing his forces to multiply his propaganda impact attack factor of preaching to the small number who prefer to live in the land of total denial, such is life!

    [So that’s where Goddard landed after being kicked off Anthony’s island! So much for the “personal reasons” justification. He’ll wind up arguing with himself, and as usual, losing. – Ben]

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