More dirty pool by NCDC’s Karl, Menne, and Peterson

More dirty pool by NCDC’s Karl, Menne, and Peterson. Anthony’s still mad that “his data” has been used by scientists. Particularly because they studied his claim of fatal problems with the US surface temperature record and found that it was completely baseless. Sorry, Anthony, the actual data was theirs. You merely claimed loudly that particular weather stations were badly adjusted and they showed that from a climate study perspective the problems were irrelevant. A year later we’re still waiting for your thrilling expose.

Now they’ve used an amateur photo of a weather station on the cover of a presentation about how to respond to amateur criticisms of weather stations! My god, they’re also plotting things! Denialists do that too! What copycats, such infamy!

Sorry Anthony, your only contribution has been to trigger the recognition that there are tenacious and ignorant pests on the interwebs that need to be fended off. Nice to see the sudden awareness of copyright though. Did you ever get around to licensing that painting you use in your blog masthead? Like all of Anthony’s pretenses of taking the high road this rings a bit hollow.

2 thoughts on “More dirty pool by NCDC’s Karl, Menne, and Peterson

  1. Watts has no place to whine about “dirty tricks”.

    He’s a bully, nothing more. There’s a special place in hell for bullies, and Watts is going there for sure.

    [I prefer “thug”. Too bad hell is merely a religious concept, because I kind of enjoy imaging him down there. – Ben]

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