Los Angeles laughs at recent “invisible summer” AP article

Los Angeles laughs at recent “invisible summer” AP article. With the return of Fall in the northern hemisphere we also see Anthony Watts return to brainless anecdotes about cold weather somewhere. And, of course, reflexive complaints about particular weather stations.

Los Angeles had a cold summer, but now it’s having a heat wave. Perfectly normal, right Anthony?

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles laughs at recent “invisible summer” AP article

  1. Mocking another blog shows your conspicuous intolerance, and ignorance of weather patterns shows stupidity.

    [Yes, I have a low tolerance of Anthony’s dishonesty. – Ben]

  2. Excellent work as usual, showing us all Anthony really has no clue at all and is an ersatz skeptic trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

    I visited skeptical science and the new latest posting by Steve Lewandowsky about the science of coherence posted recently here – http://www.skepticalscience.com/Blog-review-of-scientific-coherence.html, you might find interesting and relative to your topic on exposing Anthony’s total ignorance and junk science.

    I find that reading the comments made by real scientists on the various issues or topics listed, very interesting as the other educated readers school those who live in denial land trying to change the debate with their minority view incoherent thoughts.

  3. I understand that Los Angeles broke a thermometer yesterday? Don’t know if that’s true but they certainly broke a couple of records. Beverley Hills at 119F. Oh OK, it’s just weather.

    {Nothing to do with weather, it’s proof that climate scientists are incompetent! – Ben]

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