Skeptical Science? John Cook – embarrassing himself

Skeptical Science? John Cook – embarrassing himself. Somehow John Cook calling Anthony Watts a “denier” is an embarrassment. Anthony’s in full thin-skinned rant mode here, and it seems that poor John is now dead to Anthony. It’s Anthony’s tantrum that seems embarrassing.

Anthony’s so incoherent about this that he seems to have manufactured a quote from Cook’s Skeptical Science website claiming that “the usual suspects in natural climate change – solar variations, volcanoes, Milankovitch cycles – are all conspicuous in their absence over the past three decades of warming.” He then thinks he has refuted them with a series “oh yeahs?”. I’m sure that John would actually say that the natural variations simply don’t correlate to the warming we’ve experienced.

John’s also apparently “smug” for restricting himself to peer-reviewed scientific literature and using “the ugly word denier”, and his associate Dr. John Bruno gets taken to task for being nice to Anthony once but only once. This is just a train wreck of a post.

5 thoughts on “Skeptical Science? John Cook – embarrassing himself

  1. is a persistent thorn in Anthony’ anti-climate-science efforts to dumb down reality. Every interested person is a click away from the answers to 123 of the most prevalent Skeptic Arguments (basic or intermediate). And a few key words in the Search feature provides access to the blog posts.

    The given quote continues, repetetively and reasonably. Making the chosen exceptions even dumber.

    “This doesn’t mean by itself that carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming… but the primary causes of commonly cited climate change in the past have played little part in the current warming trend.”

  2. I did pop in there a few times and I thought I had an agreement with Anthony that the only problem was using “denier”, because it was connotative to the Holocaust variety, but later on I had “denialist” snipped, which is used in this peer-reviewed paper I posted. I do wonder if anyone in the comment section will read it.

    [Anthony’s thin skin is highly selective and finely tuned. – Ben]

  3. [Anthony’s thin skin is highly selective and finely tuned. – Ben]

    Very much so. I pointed out a couple of comments from recent WUWT posts, such as:

    “That could well be Hansen’s Nuremberg.”

    “The teachings of Hitler cost the world millions in lost lives. It would appear Rachel Carson’s teachings have also cost the world millions in lost lives.”

    “We need to remember that Margaret Sanger’s push for decriminalizing abortion was aimed at eliminating African Americans…”

    Highly relevant to the subject, since these people are accusing Hansen and others of actual genocide, not mere denial. As usual, Anthony becomes angry and defensive when the double standard is highlighted.

  4. Anthony and his illiterate WUWT army are simply a bunch of thugs intent on destroying peoples reputations.

    “Burn the books and you burn the people”- By denying the rulings of 7 independent investigations on “climategate” and continuing to slander Hansen Anthony effectively “burns the books” and “burns the man”.

    An unfortunate character reminiscent of the Hitler youth.

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