Breaking: NASA GISS Dr. James Hansen – arrested yet again

Breaking: NASA GISS Dr. James Hansen – arrested yet again. Anthony Watts snickers “Here’s our buddy Jimbo, looking dapper in a fedora, tie, dockers, and cuffs.”

Apparently Anthony can decry repression of free speech from behind his keyboard when it supports his beliefs but he finds it delicious when his opponents put their money where their mouths are, in this case the environmental damage caused by Mountain-top removal mining, and are imprisoned for it. Then authoritarian gubmint is good.

Mountain-top removal coal mining? It’s just a bit of rock dust.

4 thoughts on “Breaking: NASA GISS Dr. James Hansen – arrested yet again

  1. Shows the Inquisitional, authoritarian nature of climate populism.
    In general parties and movements in the West decrying a lack of free speech tend to be the first to destroy free speech once they reside in power. Climate populism is extreme right wing and shows the exact same characteristics.

    [So cynical! Your tar-brush is conveniently over-wide. – Ben]

  2. Way to go James– standing up for what you believe in. In the mean time Anthony hides behind his keyboard.

  3. Having been named ‘the Cardinal of AGW’ by Sir Anthony Watts, I dare say I know a little about the Inquisition :)

    I am not cynical, climate populism is. Having participated in many climate discussions on different fora and different levels with a mind of studying argumentation (having a meteorologists’ background), I found this ‘populist’ syndrome with many (A)GW-denialists*. Not only do they exhibit well-known right-wing political sentiments, they also use bullying and violence, knowingly or unknowlingy, during discussion. They basically seem to hate reason and try to destroy it where it shows.

    Climate populism is embedded in a political school. In Holland it is actually explicitly embodied in a large, nationalistic political party whose main thrust is anti-islamic. It has just entered government in a cabinet structure akin to the Danish.

    The school shows a hatred of fundamental science, although it promotes consumption and cannot neglect technology. In this sense it is authoritorian, unlike the somewhat anarchistic anti-science movements of the hippie-age.

    The tar has been spread broadly, and I didn’t do it.

    *) To be sure, other ‘denialists’ took a real interest into the subject during discussions; they really learnt some basic climate science and showed open minds.

    [True, there are many parallels to the manipulative and corrupt political “populism” of years gone by. The denialists that flood comment sections are a good parallel to the manufactured angry mobs of the past. – Ben]

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