Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature

Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature. Anthony Watts is irritated that renowned Canadian biologist David Suzuki has the nerve to say that “we have joined God, powerful enough to influence these [hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanic explosions] events.” Maybe he’s just alarmed that someone is stating the obvious: humanity’s actions can and do affect our weather and our climate. Never! It’s all natural!

Come on Anthony, you might well argue about the intensity of our influence, but you’re just being sullen if you try to deny it altogether with nothing but links to your own lame blog as evidence.

1 thought on “Quote of the Week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature

  1. Quote of the week – David Suzuki, a farce of nature (WUWT,Sep29,2010)

    Google’s links are better than WUWT’s.

    VOLCANOES……….”…melting ice, sea level rises and even increasingly heavy storms and rainfall – predicted consequences of rising temperatures – could affect the Earth’s crust.”

    “…the reduction in the ice could also stimulate volcanic eruptions, according to the research.

    “And the greater weight of the water in the oceans where sea level has risen as ice melts can “bend” the Earth’s crust. This produces magma and causes volcanic and seismic activity in coastal or island areas – where the majority of 550 volcanoes whose eruptions have been historically documented are found.”
    from Telegraph(Apr19,2010)

    EARTHQUAKES……….”…Recent research suggests that some ice sheets move in a stick-slip pattern. That is, they become stuck to the ice next to them and pressure accumulates along the edges, until they slip forward a few inches at a time. These massive lurches forward produce earthquakes of up to 7 magnitude on the Richter scale…How often does the Whilians Ice Stream – the first glacier observed with this behavior- lurch forward? Twice a day…”
    from Celsias(Jun17,2008)

    “Along the southern coast of Alaska the Pacific plate subducts beneath the North American plate at a rate of roughly 50 millimeters per year. The resulting strain in the crust accumulates until an earthquake releases the pent up energy. When large glaciers or ice sheets move across the landscape their immense weight actually depresses Earth’s crust. When glaciers retreat, the ground rebounds back into place. In tectonically active areas experiencing glacial retreat and post glacial rebound, ‘earthquakes may occur sooner,’ than if they were still covered by glaciers, Sauber says.”

    “The relationship between earthquakes and glaciers in tectonically quiescent areas supports the research…In Scandinavia and Canada, large earthquakes associated with glacial retreat and post-glacial rebound occurred at the end of the Pleistocene…”
    from Geotimes(Oct,2004)

    “Prof McGuire said that in Taiwan the low air pressure generated by typhoons was enough to ‘unload’ the crust by a small amount and trigger earthquakes.”
    from Telegraph(Apr19,2010)

    And you can also google up pages of listings on earthquakes caused by injection wells.

    TORNADOES……….”NASA scientists have developed a new climate model that indicates that the most violent severe storms and tornadoes may become more common as Earth’s climates warms…”

    “Previous climate model studies have shown that heavy rainstorms will be more common in a warmer climate, but few global models have attempted to simulate the strength of updrafts in these storms…”

    “…It predicts that in a warmer climate, stronger and more severe storms can be expected, but with fewer storms overall.”

    “…In the warmer climate simulation there is a small class of the most extreme storms with both strong updrafts and strong horizontal winds at higher levels that occur more often, and thus the model suggests that the most violent severe storms and tornadoes may become more common with warming.”
    from Science News(Aug31,2007)

    HURRICANES……….Of course hurricane frequency isn’t argued as much any more. But hurricane intensity is. For example, how a hurricane will strengthen when it moves over warmer water.

    FLOODS & DROUGHTS……….can be caused by AGW climate change.

    FOREST FIRES……….can be a consequence of drought. And the bark beetle is a climate-related factor in the western US and Canada.

    Of course forest fires are also sometimes started by humans, and sometimes put out by humans.

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