New Scientist’s Fred Pearce calls for Pachauri to resign

New Scientist’s Fred Pearce calls for Pachauri to resign. More trenchant scientific insight from Anthony Watts. Fred Pearce has written in the enthusiastically right-wing Mail that “amiable, bearded, vegetarian railway engineer and cricket fanatic” Dr. Pachauri should resign from his position as Chairman of the IPCC.

Anthony wants us to infer that Pachauri is a corrupt, dishonest and unqualified politician, but the source article seems more focussed on the toll that fabricated denialist assaults have had on the IPCC’s reputation and that Pachauri’s departure might take some of that baggage with him.

Funny how when Fred Pearce says something that suits Anthony’s agenda he’s happy to take it at face value instead of railing against it like his has done in past coverage. Not the mark of an objective mind…

This all proves, of course, that there is no Global Warming.

1 thought on “New Scientist’s Fred Pearce calls for Pachauri to resign

  1. Interesting.

    The link to New Scientist Fred Pearce article can be found here:-

    The link to the well padded propaganda “Daily Fail” version is here:-

    Sadly the “Daily Fail” has a long and illustrious career of printing rubbish science and well padded propaganda before the fact.

    Oh well, I find the Daily Fail has surpassed itself in burying the real message, nor does it mention the good Dr. Rajendra Pachauri actually commissioned this report either.

    The Daily Fail’s incoherent report meanders so badly, it is as though the both the editor and writer appear to have the same attention span of five year old children? The New Scientist, is more coherent and less patchy and more to the point.

    Or can it be, after looking at the headlines on the front page, the average mental age of the reader of the Daily Fail, is not more than five years old?

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