Shackling national security – and renewable energy

Shackling national security – and renewable energy. Because conservationists didn’t enthusiastically embrace consuming mineral resources as fast as possible, talking about their strategic value now is in Anthony Watts’ view hypocritical.

Just read Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise lobbyist Paul Driessen’s guest post. All you need to do is vote Republican and the problem is solved. No more energy technologies using up rare earth minerals that we need for military purposes, just drill, baby, drill!  America will once again be strong and free!

Oh, and by the way, oil is magically created deep in the Earth now, so don’t worry ’bout dat any more neither. (Boy, do the commenters love that idea!)

1 thought on “Shackling national security – and renewable energy

  1. Wow, the abiotic oil comments are just too rich!

    Doug (apparently a petroleum engineer) very elegantly points out how the abiotic hypothesis is a fairytale accepted by a bunch of of folks online suffering from D-K and fueled by a handful of cranks. Any real petroleum geologist/engineer can see there’s nothing to it. The kicker though, is that he manages to argue this point without any sense of irony, apparently not seeing any parallels between the denial of biogenic oil and the denial of AGW.

    And of course, the other posters are only too happy to display their D-K and their inability to accept any facts contrary to their point of view, claiming that Doug is only trying to stifle debate and that they know better than him and the other experts because they read some guy’s book and a couple of papers they found on the net.

    [Yeah, a good denialist is kooky about everything. – Ben]

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