Sea Ice News #25 – NSIDC says 2010 3rd lowest for Arctic sea ice

Sea Ice News #25 – NSIDC says 2010 3rd lowest for Arctic sea ice. Anthony Watts says to ignore that the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) press release reporting that September’s “Arctic sea ice extent was the third-lowest in the satellite record”. Don’t click-through and read it, just take Anthony’s word that it contains alarmist “zingers”. Like this outrageous statement:

Over the summer of 2010, weather and ocean conditions in the Arctic ranged from warm and calm to stormy and cool. Overall, weather conditions were not extremely favorable to melt, but ice loss proceeded at a rapid pace.

Focus on the JAXA and DMI charts, which suggest that in October “things are icing up quickly”. Well duh, it’s winter up there already…

Anthony and the slowly rehabilitating Steven Goddard can always find a cherry-picked counter-example. In this case, Anthony tries to deflect attention from the overall September record by talking about “a quick turnaround” in October and includes several of Goddard’s dumbed-down photoshopped graphics that only show the start of winter increase. He’s also careful to exclude  avoid any reference to Arctic Sea Ice volume.

The actual science-based NSIDC analysis is here.

3 thoughts on “Sea Ice News #25 – NSIDC says 2010 3rd lowest for Arctic sea ice

  1. Hasn’t this ‘quick regrowth’ become a broken record for the deniers? Ever since 2007 they keep talking about how fast the ice is regrowing, as if that disproves AGW. Ignore the minimum and focus on regrowth. If the ice we regrowing so fast and there was nothing to see here, why would the minimums keep being so low?

    This is going to become another 1998 like mantra pretty soon: Ice hasn’t dropped below 2007 levels, therefore the earth isn’t warming.

  2. Steve Goddard’s contribution is a blink comparator using Cryosphere Today’s more detailed sea ice concentration map. This map is still included in the daily set of graphs and maps at the Arctic Sea Ice Graphs website here.

    WUWT has its own set, but inexplicably still doesn’t include this more detailed CT map. The last I checked, the first (larger) map was just an enlargement of the current map from the less-detailed comparison pair below.

    During the summer this hide-the-blue substitution masked 2010’s lower concentration sea ice. The comparison pairs sea ice extent maps use a lower resolution color scale.

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