NASA’s Hathaway issues new solar cycle prediction

NASA’s Hathaway issues new solar cycle prediction. Anthony Watts draws attention to the difficulty experts are having predicting the course of the current sunspot cycle. He also says “let us not be too critical of Dr. Hathaway, unlike some scientists we know, he has the integrity and courage to admit when his forecasts and models don’t work, and to revise them in the face of reality.” Ah yes, the mythical corrupt scientist. Who is the cowardly scientist that refuses to admit any error in their theories?

Of course if we can’t accurately predict something as ‘simple’ as the number of sunspots how can we possibly trust any climate predictions, right?

P.S. That was a lousy “blink comparator” graphic, Anthony. Try using the same scale and date range for both version next time. Or were you just pasting together two jpgs?

7 thoughts on “NASA’s Hathaway issues new solar cycle prediction

  1. By far the funniest part of the post was the comments. Several users suggest either 1) They nailed the sunspot number and these stupid solar scientists should be listening to them or 2) We are about to enter a new Maunder minimum and, therefore, another ice age.

    Keep your day jobs folks.

  2. Gosh. Didn’t realise you were still in business.

    Judging on the number of comments, it must be a pretty lonely existence.

    I see that WUWT goes from strength to strength.

    [So, Steve Jones, do you think I do this for “fame”? Logic is not a popularity contest. As far as WUWT’s “strength” goes, I think there’s an expression that has been attributed to P. T. Barnum that applies. – Ben]

  3. I’m having withdrawals, brah.

    Hope everything’s okay up there.

    [Don’t worry! Just trying to figure out a way to highlight Anthony Watts’ malicious idiocy without becoming a repetitive dullard like him. – Ben]

  4. Hey, Ben

    Let me add my voice to Broham’s. Your fans are missing you.

    I see that WUWT goes from strength to strength.

    So does Fred Phelps’s church.

  5. Wow, 18 comments — on the WHOLE PAGE!

    WUWT, the internet’s “Best Science” site, has gone from 0 to 60 MILLION hits in only 3 years — with almost 500,000 reader comments.

    So I guess I’ll go back to the Best Science site, where thousands of readers will see my comments, instead of a pathetically small handful.

    In between porn surfing, eating Cheetos in your mom’s basement and wasting countless hours of your life on this un-read blog, you can report back to both your readers that you really do know which end is up… as if.

    But I won’t see your comment; I’m going back to the internet’s Best Science site. Buh-bye.☺

    [Touchy, aren’t we “Smokey”? If you seriously think WUWT is “the Best Science site” you have earned my pity. Anthony can’t even explain his own web statistics properly let alone run an actual science website. – Ben]

    • Good grief! Best Science site? Clearly some people don’t get around much.

      I do the rounds on education, one medical site – Respectful Insolence does for the anti-vax crowd what I wish more people would do for some climate nonsense, and my general climate lot.

      I’m *not* recommending you take on Orac’s approach, there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with the onslaught you’d be in for.

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