Can cacti ‘escape’ underground in high temperatures?

Can cacti ‘escape’ underground in high temperatures?“. Anthony Watts discovers that a species of cactus that can handle higher temperatures. So Global Warming, which of course isn’t happening, will be no problem at all!

This post is just a placeholder to give his readers a fresh place to vent. Cue the ditto-head chorus of “scientists are so stupid” with a verse from “its cold where I am!”

1 thought on “Can cacti ‘escape’ underground in high temperatures?

  1. ACCLIMATION……….This is an interesting article about adaptation among desert plants.

    Is it the first in a series about plant modifications to hot weather? Succulents that can retain water. Cactuses with photosynthetic stems. Shallow roots to capture limited rainfall.

    It suggests a new tack at WUWT, to acclimatize its readers to a warmer future.

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