CARB delays proposed “false statements” discussion

CARB delays proposed “false statements” discussion” California’s Air Resources Board has delayed a meeting! Anthony Watts know that this means they have been caught lying about Global Warming. Or is it that they are trying to stifle “skeptical” denialists? Whatever. It’s a smug conspiracy!

“The workshop scheduled for December 1st to discuss approaches to prohibit dishonest statements or submittals offered to the Board or its staff has been postponed to accommodate numerous requests for more background information about the purpose of the draft proposed rule. The workshop will be rescheduled after the New Year.” – CARB e-mail

So requests have been made for background information about a workshop on ensuring integrity of submissions to CARB, and the workload has resulted in a delay. Anthony is certain that this was designed to scare away denialists trying to submit their bogus assertions, but it sounds more like the delay is more likely the result of an “auditor” style bombardment.

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