1 thought on “Greenpeace’s Free Climate Pedometers at COP16

  1. Greenpeace’s Free Climate Pedometers at COP16″ (WUWT, Nov 30, 2010)

    “Walking to the shops damages planet more than going by car”……….is based on an unrelated assumption of couch potato inactivity. When the medical message is that we all need more exercise.

    Also, its wrong to assume that all the calories came only from the meat. And, 100 grams is 60% of the daily recommmendation from the Food Pyramid’s meat and bean group. How can it be concentrated into this hour long walk to the shops? (Granted, most Americans eat more than the 6 oz per day recommendation. And this is an English study)

    I understand the underlying lesson, that methane meat and flown-in-food have high carbon footprints.
    But still object to faulty conclusions.

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