“Sahara Solar Breeders” don’t sand a chance

“Sahara Solar Breeders” don’t sand a chance. You can count on Anthony Watts’ readers going ballistic about anything that requires large-scale government involvement. That’s their stereotypical obsession. So this paper about a globally distributed solar energy concept in the Sahara is perfect bone to throw to them.

Anthony starts the nay-saying snark about the project, working mostly from a copy-and-paste of a report in the New Scientist, and the curmudgeonly “experts” take over in the comments.

From the New Scientist article:

The Sahara Solar Breeder Project is a joint initiative by universities in Japan and Algeria that aims to build enough solar power stations by 2050 to supply 50 per cent of the energy used by humanity.


The Sahara Solar Breeder concept, in info-graphic form... From YouTube.

Frankly I have no opinion on the feasibility of this concept. So I’ll keep my mouth shut until more knowledgable people assess it.


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