Norway’s coldest November in living memory

Norway’s coldest November in living memory“. Yawn. Anthony Watts reports that it’s cold in Norway in the winter. Thus disproving Global Warming? Of course!

Weather is not climate. Regional events are not a disproof of global conditions. Repeat 100 times.

3 thoughts on “Norway’s coldest November in living memory

  1. “Norway’s coldest November in living memory” (WUWT, Dec 3, 2010)

    Yawning down here, too. By my count this is the ninth WUWT article in the past six months that addresses excessive snow and/or cold in wintertime. For more about this preoccupation, during what may be the hottest year, follow a brazen link to my previous comment here. second-winter/

    “Norway got over a hundred new (cold) records in November”
    “The whole country is in the freezer” (WUWT)

    Make the point one more time about the irrelevancy of regional cold in a globally hot year:

    “NASA released its monthly global temperature data, revealing November was easily the hottest in the temperature record.” (with link to the NASA data). Climate Progress

  2. Somehow local cold wins over global warming(?) I have to admit that regional differences are interesting and merit further study and analysis.

    [There are plenty of good reasons for studying regional differences, but blindly claiming they disprove obvious global trends is just stupid! – Ben]

  3. Where in Norway? It’s a big or rather very long.

    I’m telling people now how cold July 2010 was in Holland. I point to the nights of the 6th and 7th where temperatures dropped to several degrees below +10° C and, of course, I point out the days from 23rd onward whose average temp was below normal for all but one day.

    The moral, of course, is about what I am saying not. What I’m not mentioning made the July 2010 the fifth warmest month in three centuries of Dutch measurements.

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