An end of an era – the incandescent light bulb

An end of an era – the incandescent light bulb. Anthony Watts notes that California is phasing out the sale of 100 W incandescent light bulbs. This is, as Anthony need not even mention, an attack on the personal liberties of right-thinking Americans. Anthony’s Californian readers appear to be hoarding the precious items. The maximum available wattage will be now 75 W, which means that this isn’t “the end” at all.

I’m sure that dim bulbs like Anthony will still be readily available though.

2 thoughts on “An end of an era – the incandescent light bulb

  1. Honestly, who in their right mind would rather have a light globe that uses much less electricity, burns as bright, is cooler and lasts years longer, when you can add a lot more CO2 to the atmosphere for just a few extra dollars each year by using incandescent light bulbs and keeping the air conditioner going to counteract the heat produced by the light bulbs.

    Surely most sensible people prefer all those extra trips to the shops and changing blown out bulbs every few months rather than every few decades – it’s well worth the extra cost. It’s like those silly hybrid cars. Why buy a fuel efficient manoeuvrable car when you can drive an clunky SUV for four times the running cost.

    • It’s the MERCURY dammit! Breaking just one CFL will render your home an uninhabitable superfund site. I heard it on Limbaugh.

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