December cold – unprecedented?

December cold – unprecedented? It’s cold! Somewhere (Ireland)! Thus proving Global Cooling! Water mains are freezing in Northern Ireland!

Thanks for the weather report, Verity Jones, but I have to ask; is the temperature record from just one weather station, on an island affected by the Gulf Stream, a useful proxy for Europe? That’s cherry-picking, isn’t it?

Also won’t any single location have more variability than the average of a larger set of locations? Isn’t that the whole point of global data gathering?

I have to wonder if the theory that a warmer Arctic can lead to a colder western Europe has again turned denialists into converts of the “it’s just extreme weather” argument. From the article:

As for this being caused by global warming – bull – it was just an extreme weather event. They happen. Go back >100 years and they happened then too.


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