Sea Ice News – Call for Arctic sea-ice forecasts, plus forecast poll

Sea Ice News – Call for Arctic sea-ice forecasts, plus forecast poll (May 19, 2011). Pull the other one, Anthony Watts! I almost shot tea out of my nose reading Anthony’s blithe claim:

It has been awhile since I’ve done a sea-ice report. That said, not much of note has been going on in the sea-ice arena, we are in that time of year when all of the years converge into a tighter grouping.

I guess his stalwart bobble-heads were starting to need reassurance that Global Warming was still over. Unfortunately there are a few differing opinions out there:

Anthony even thought he could bluff his way past his own chart. Nice try. He does try to bury it among a busy collection of eye-glazing squiggles and bar charts.

Nothing to see here, says Anthony... My annotations in red.

4 thoughts on “Sea Ice News – Call for Arctic sea-ice forecasts, plus forecast poll

  1. Gigatonnes of carbon added to the atmosphere can’t possible be having an effect but WUWT readers know what might”

    “I’ve wondered what effect the icebreakers have ferrying all these “teams” to look for the “rotten ice.””

    “it seems intuitive that having dozens of icebreakers breaking up the ice might have a measurable impact sea ice area and extent, especially when the ice spreads and when it blows into warmer waters…”

    [Sometimes the commenters are so earnestly stupid that it’s actually a tiny bit cute. – Ben]

    • “it seems intuitive …” ?!!??

      My intuition tells me that some people had better find a hidey-hole away from news services pretty soon. Otherwise, the ‘intuition’ explosion will be very ugly when the reports of the vanishing of Sep Arctic sea-ice come out in a _very_ few years.

  2. SUCCINCTLY………………………”The month with the lowest volume, September, has declined from roughly 18,000 km3 to around 4,000 km3…”

  3. This is a clever poll, as it gives Twatt the perfect get-out… in the (hopefully unrealised) event that the ice extent reaches new lows, *he* can honestly say that *he* didn’t predict otherwise. In fact, *he* has predicted precisely nothing. “Them stoopid commentators /sarc”.

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