Spencer: developing a new satellite based surface temperature set

Spencer: developing a new satellite based surface temperature set“. A denialist scientist links to “scientific criticism” on Anthony Watts’ blog and charts from right-wing political activists. I guess it’s easier than formulating a factual criticism.

Dr. Spencer thinks that fewer surface station temperatures are used for climate analysis now, and that they’ve been chosen to magnify global warming (which isn’t happening anyway). Dr. Spencer assures us that his satellite corrections (which, annoyingly, almost perfectly match the positive trend of the nasty surface stations) will be better, even though he’s still developing his “product.” He also mutters about that classic denialist misdirection, Urban Heat Islands.

"Bad" surface stations and "good" satellites: annoyingly identical trends.

Spencer says that although he’s still refining his product, “December 2009 was, indeed, a cool month in my analysis.” Nothing like stating your conclusions before doing the work!

Dr. Spencer is the guy who regularly fails basic mathematical and statistical standards in his published papers. Here are a couple links for those interested: Hide the Increase and Spencer’s Folly. He’s also the author of the book Climate Confusion, which perfectly describes his activities…

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