CTM is Contacted by the Norfolk Constabulary and Responds

CTM is Contacted by the Norfolk Constabulary and Responds“. Charles Rotter, aka “Charles the Moderator”, was the anonymous behind-the-scenes guy on Anthony Watts’ blog until his involvement in disseminating the stolen Climate Research Unit e-mails. His most important responsibility was to harass Anthony’s critics by blocking or maliciously altering their comments, but he probably spent most of his time thinning out the worst comments of the denialist loony fringe so the cause didn’t look too bad.

Charles reports that he was contacted by the Norfolk Constabulary as part of their criminal investigation into the theft of CRU e-mails. Charles answers are to claim he’s just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he unwisely casts aspersions on the victims of the crime and offers up a self-serving theory of the crime as a noble act by unnamed persons. Good luck with that.

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