Royal Statistical Society backs “models and data in the public domain”

Royal Statistical Society backs “models and data in the public domain”. See the submissions by the Royal Chemical Society and Institute of Physics. Same general statement, same biased interpretation by Anthony Watts as damning.

There are, of course, passages in the Royal Statistical Society’s filing that don’t suit Anthony’s bias. This one gets to the nub of things:

The ability to verify models using publicly available data is regarded as being of much greater importance than the specific content of email exchanges between researchers.

The data is almost entirely publicly available already. The whole controversy boils down to quote-mining personal e-mails for rude comments.

This one’s also good, as it addresses denialist harassment:

It is also clearly unreasonable to require that any given scientist having published some research is then condemned to answer each and every question that might possibly arise from it.

Interestingly, the Royal Statistical Society doesn’t seem to have any concerns about the word “trick” that is so angrily discussed in denialist circles.

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