2 thoughts on “Climategate.com shuts down

  1. “Heh. He doesn’t know the meaning of hard work.“

    But if AGW is such an obvious fraud, surely it should be easy peasy to take down?

    An unsuprising comment from Watts, though. When something he puts his name to is shown to be utter nonsense he points the finger at someone else, and when another blogger decides it’s too hard for his family he makes a snide remark to big himself up. Such a saddo. He’s all heart.

  2. If you look at Anthony’s blog for the first few months (say, as long as the other site was up), it’s not exactly mind-boggling as far as stats or posts or comments go (but it does give a bit of insight).

    Anthony favours quantity over quality and doesn’t care much how he gets it, as long as it’s supporting his political leanings. The only times there is a quality post is when he has copied directly from Science, Nature or other quality publication and doesn’t add any comment of his own. Anything written by him or his mates is usually just rubbish. Regardless of the quality of his posts, the comments show he attracts the more ignorant, bigoted and under-educated – and he laps it up.

    Agree with J Bowers – ‘he’s such a saddo’ is a good description.

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