McIntyre accused by University of Queensland Prof of CRU break in

McIntyre accused by University of Queensland Prof of CRU break in“. Anthony Watt’s favorite Aussie crank ‘journalist’ Andrew Bolt tries to throw the “smear” accusation back at political scientist John Quiggin, who dares to complain that “Scientists have been constrained in fighting back by the fact that they are ethically constrained to be honest, whereas their opponents lie without any compunction.”

Prof. Quiggin accuses Steven McIntyre of orchestrating the Climategate leak. Where’s the evidence, cries Andrew Bolt. Anthony joins in with some practical ethics – “Somebody needs to educate Quiggin on the CRU ftp security blunder that was “the mole”. Anthony, even if your description of the ‘method of acquisition’ is correct it is still theft to take a wallet from an unlocked car.

Guess which photo Anthony chose to depict the despised Prof. Quiggin?

Ever-helpful Anthony concludes by pointing his readers to Prof. John Quiggin’s contact information to aid their harassment.

2 thoughts on “McIntyre accused by University of Queensland Prof of CRU break in

  1. I believe Quiggin said that McIntyre was morally liable, he didn’t claim that McIntyre orchestrated the theft. There’s a difference.

    McIntyre set the scene for the theft by his campaign of harassment against CRU, and then profited by the emails by printing and dissecting excerpts – even though he got it all wrong. There’s no (public) evidence that McIntyre had a direct role in the theft AFAIK and Quiggin didn’t say he was the person who stole the emails.

    BTW, wasn’t it just pathetic to see all the comments calling for libel suits from a blog where the commenters make zillions of libellous statements against scientists on a daily basis!

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