Mister Mean Green

Mister Mean Green“. People who buy “green” products are less ethical, says Anthony Watts. Because a psychology study at the University of Toronto says so (PDF here). This is Anthony’s chance to infer that environmental bloggers and “warmers” are similarly unethical.

Another press release that Anthony didn’t look past. This is about consumer behavior.

2 thoughts on “Mister Mean Green

  1. They randomly assigned people to purchase green products, or not. Hence they weren’t comparing environmentalists to non-environmentalists, just subjects they told to do one thing versus those they told to do another.

    [Good catch. I wonder if this actually provides insight into the denialist mindset!- Ben]

  2. Doesn’t Anthony usually like to big up his own green credentials? He owns an electric car etc.? Well, if the shoe fits and all that…

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