Sat tracking of ultraviolet light shows increase since 1979

Sat tracking of ultraviolet light shows increase since 1979“. Another news release copy-and-paste from Anthony Watts, this time from NASA. You can read the abstract here at the Journal of Geophysical Research. I think he’s trying to “pad out” the denialist bunk with random “science”. Seeing these kinds of posts always makes me stop and wonder “what’s his angle?”

UV increase was greater at higher latitudes but leveled off in 1998. Unlike global warming.

Maybe Anthony thinks this information feeds into the “it’s natural!” solar theory of global warming, but the identified cause is decreased levels of UV-blocking stratospheric ozone. And it is not tracking the global temperature trends either:

After 1998, midlatitude annual average ozone amounts and UV irradiance levels have been approximately constant. Herman, J. R. (2010), Global increase in UV irradiance during the past 30 years (1979–2008) estimated from satellite data, J. Geophys. Res., 115

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