Scandal brewing in the Euro carbon credits market

Scandal brewing in the Euro carbon credits market“. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s greedy people gaming any system for personal profit at the expense of others. Damn those ‘capitalists’! It looks like individual carbon permits are sometimes being sold to more than one buyer. Prices and volumes have plummeted in the aftermath.

This is standard financial fraud, but to Anthony it means that the carbon credit system is a failure.┬áHe also doesn’t like three of the 18 members of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

6 thoughts on “Scandal brewing in the Euro carbon credits market

  1. Its easy for you to dismiss this, if you happen to pay an energy bill in GB then you will realise that we the public are being robbed by over inflated prices just to pay for this scheme.
    To hear then that scheme is being abused, and used to line the pockets of crooks and fraudsters,just realises the fears people have about these schemes, and all in the name of something that is far from proven.

    [Edited for relevance. This is ‘white-collar’ crime. The system needs to be robust and transparent, but it’s not a fundamental flaw. Should credit cards be banned because some people make fraudulent transactions? After all it’s the other card holders that cover the losses, not the banks.]

  2. I guess, in the interest of fairness, Anthony should come out in favor of abolishing home mortgages. After all, they’re all caught up in even bigger financial frauds.

  3. What do you mean its not a fundamental flaw, if the con men have managed to screw this amount of money out of it , imagine the amounts that will be swindled when it is rolled out worldwide.
    I don’t expect any different from you the same as i wouldn’t expect our flat headed PM brown to have any concerns as you all stand to gain, you and your crew through funding(to come up with any crap to support your theory and Brown just wants our cash.
    Wheres the runaway warming Ben, wheres the 20 ft sea rises… bullshitall of it

    [Oh, yeah, I’m giddy with excitement at the prospect of my share of carbon credit fraud bucks. You’re just being obtuse. This is no different from the widespread banking fraud we saw in the US over the last year, why aren’t you demanding the banks be shutdown? – Ben]

  4. Trouble with that comparison is that with the banks they deal in an essential commodity, money. If it was up to the majority of Brits we would have let our banks go to the wall, they were bailed out but still do little to support business or the individual.

    [Complaints about hidden taxes and “elites” deleted. A hospitable climate isn’t essential? The comparison is still valid. – Ben]

  5. What the hell do you mean hospitable climate, the climate is the climate if you are so conceited that you think your draconian measures will alter it in any way then you are deluded.
    Wotts up with that is deleted from my favourites as an irrelevance

    [“the climate is the climate”? We’re slowly changing it for the worse right now whether you admit it or not and that will have massive impacts on food production, health and safety, land uses, etc. This will cause massive “inhospitable” changes to our civilization. The “draconian measures” are in your mind. I haven’t seen anything proposed that makes more than a few percent difference in people’s cost of living. Get your information wherever you like, but you’re a fool if you are simply want to confirm your beliefs. Challenging your beliefs is the only way to gain knowledge. – Ben]

  6. You are the fool,A few percent in peoples cost of living, that’s why five million people are in fuel poverty in Britain.
    Petrol prices through the roof, food prices doubled in a couple of years,DUE IN PART TO PEOPLE USING LAND TO PRODUCE BIO FUELS INSTEAD OF FOOD
    Experience firms up my beliefs.
    No statistical warming for 15 years, no runaway warming despite record levels of CO2, how do you explain that Ben?

    [I think you should take up petrol prices with OPEC and the oil companies, not the environmentalists. There are NO “carbon taxes” in the current prices for fuel or food. Ditto for biofuel impacts. All you are doing here is regurgitating debunked denialist claims. – Ben]

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