Complaint issued on Amazongate reporting

Complaint issued on Amazongate reporting“. Anthony Watts calls the troops to attention. Simon Lewis, a tropical forest expert, has filed a complaint about the false reporting by Jonathon Leake in The Times. The article, entitled “UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim“, completely misrepresented his statement that the claim was in fact valid. The article even acknowledged contributions from denialist blogger Richard North!

Of course Anthony takes a moment to complain about his own treatment in the mainstream press. For some reason his unsubstantiated accusations and half-truths are not always being printed verbatim! That’s what your blogging buddies are for Anthony…

He finishes with another promise that his definitive analysis of surface station temperature records is “looking better and better.” Oh, I’m going to get a kick out of that fairy tale!

Rather than read Anthony’s complaints about his own perceived mistreatment, go over to Climate Progress for a full account of a real one.

2010-06-21 Update: As reported on Deltoid, the Sunday Times has now been forced to issue a retraction.

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