Modeling the big melt

Modeling the big melt“. Anthony Watts reports that Minnesotans are going to love global warming. We know this because of a press release about a Climate CentralĀ interactive climate page that Anthony foundĀ on Eurekalert and pasted into his blog.

Well the joy of Minnesotans in the year 2090 is postulated and of course is excised from any complaints about probable drought conditions.

Sunny days ahead!

Such scientific nuance from The Great Explainer-Awayer.

3 thoughts on “Modeling the big melt

  1. Anthony’s cut-and-paste job is a great example of how his editorial style points his loyal followers towards his own anti-science bias and away from reading the truth. One need only look at the first few comments to see how his readers jump to negative conclusions.

    A quick phone call to Climate Central (conveniently left out by Anthony in the EurekaAlert press release he copies), or an actual reading of Climate Central’s web site would have done wonders to educate his readers about the science behind this interactive map. One example, the website reports: “It is important to remember that climate model outputs are always projections and never predictions; we can use them to anticipate general trends, but never to foretell the exact temperature or precipitation at a particular place and time.”

    Another example of how Anthony isn’t interested in educating is readers about science.

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