Levy walks, solar flares, and warming

Levy walks, solar flares, and warming“. Once more with conviction: there is no link between solar flare cycles and global temperature trends. A statistical analysis by Martin and Kristoffer Rypdal, discussed at Physorg.com here, puts the solar climate theory of Scafetta and West to bed.

No correlation between Solar Flare Index and Climate. This would be a better presentation if the time scales matched...

You know that a “disproof” of AGW is pretty stinky when even Anthony Watts is reluctant to use it. His readers seem less picky though and are fighting over whether they can still cling to it.

To quote the paper authors:

A corresponding theory of global warming of solar origin does not exist. What does exist is a set of disconnected, mutually inconsistent, ad hoc hypotheses. If one of these is proven to be false, the typical proponent of solar warming will pull another ad hoc hypothesis out of the hat. This has been the strategy of Scafetta and West over the years, and we have no illusion that our paper will put them to silence.

This remark seems to also have relevance to the recently discussed amateur climate theories of Stephen Wilde

3 thoughts on “Levy walks, solar flares, and warming

  1. Desperate are we?
    Reduced to mimicking successful, informative websites that happen to be against your phoney, destructive religion?
    Awww…you’ll get over it. Eventually.

    [Thanks for the laugh. – Ben]

  2. Be of good cheer, Ben. Enjoy this denier comment from the post above:

    “I feel like i’ve been rock face climbing for two years and I look down and i’m about 3 feet off the ground!!! : (”

    Truer words. However “successful” one’s denial may be, it must be exhausting to head-butt an iron wall of fact day after day. That commenter is certainly feeling the strain. Others are too. And if they are, a lot of that is down to scientists and amateurs who are willing to take the time and the energy to catalog and explain the myths, mistakes and mendacious misleading malarkey deniers use to fill the space where their capacity critical thought should be.

    Thanks, Ben; keep it up

  3. Tony
    If you don’t like phony science, then stay away from WWUT.

    Here’s the kind of science Anthony Watts, who isnt a scientist, has to offer.

    Watts and D’aleo make it all up with this claim:



    and get their heads handed to them by Tamino

    You see, they seem to have left out the 19th century and every winter for the entire 351 years. Thats right. They used summer temps only. Why because in the 18th century summers were unusually cool. Ah but the winters were unusually warm, so we’ll just leave them out. And the 100 years of the 19th century, that they left out of their 351 year period, well, we’ll just leave out that pesky century too, otherwise our qauakery temp graph will not give the results we want.

    That my friend is not scientific inquiry. It is an attempt to deceive, which Watts does so well.

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